Profiles: A Leading Supplier to Linear Motion Component and Systems Manufacturers

Profiles supplies manufacturers of linear motion components for radial, reverse-radial and lateral systems, with:

  • Linear bushings and shafts
  • Linear motion rails and raceways
  • Linear guide feeds
  • Slide guides for ball or roller element
  • Air bearing slides
  • Recirculating linear bearings
  • Bearing slides: anodized or electroless nickel
  • plated for static applications
  • Retainer rings
  • High-load linear motion components
  • Slides and slide components for vacuum applications

Linear motion components manufactured by Profiles are used throughout the automotive, aviation, and medical device industries, as well as in machinery used for assembly, dispensing and packaging.

In addition to precision components for linear motion components and systems manufacturers, Profiles supplies gears, splines, cams, cogs, shafts and many other small precision metal components.

Profiles’ linear motion components are precision cold formed to tolerances as close as +.0002”. Components can be hardened, or annealed in-line. EN plating can be provided for linear motion components used in electronics and semiconductor systems.

Materials used for linear motion control programs include hardened steel, stainless steels, nickel alloys, copper, brass and aluminum alloys.

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