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Q. What specific advantages does Profiles bring to the table?

A. Profiles has a unique system for producing net and near-net components in medium to million-plus volumes, with extremely high repeatability, and lead times that are significantly shorter than the industry norm. For customers with these requirements, we provide a proven, high precision, and very low cost-alternative to machining, powdered metal and EDM.

Q. What are your core specialties?

A. We supply manufacturers of linear motion components and systems, also manufacturers of medical, surgical and laparoscopic devices, orthodontic components, automotive drive train components, precision gears and electric motor components. What these diverse customers have in common is a requirement for high precision over long production runs, and absolute adherence to delivery schedules.

Q. What are your capabilities in regard to linear motion components?

A. We supply manufacturers of radial, reverse-radial and lateral systems with linear bushings, shafts, rails, raceways, guide feeds, slide guides, rings and vacuum components of all kinds, among others.

Q. What tolerances do you maintain?

A. Most Profiles manufacturing programs have a tolerance of ±.0005". Our systems will maintain tolerances to ±.0002" where needed, and these closer tolerances, particularly for long production runs, are what makes Profiles distinct in the marketplace. Notably, some programs have tolerances on the other end – in the range of ±.03". – and we do those as well. We produce precisely what the customer requires.

Q. Do you do prototyping?

A. Yes, we often produce functional prototypes for our projects, and have a track record of achieving the desired result on a very fast track basis.

Q. What kind of design tools do you use?

A. Our most recent software upgrade was to SolidWorks 2005. This has allowed us to streamline 3D tool design and analysis, and to reduce samplings from an average of four to three, and sometimes two. Fewer renditions to achieve an approved production model means time and cost savings for customers are substantial.

Q. What’s your maximum finished size?

A. Components we manufacture have a maximum finished profile of .625"

Q. What shapes do you manufacture?

A. We specialize in complex shapes, including intricate gear patterns, cam shapes, I-Beam, T-sections, W-channels, U-channels, hat sections, C-channels, box channels, H-channels, L-channels and more.

Q. What materials do you work with?

A. Low, medium and high carbon steels, bearing steels, various stainless grades, tool steels, HSLA steel, Hastelloy and Inconel, and, on the nonferrous side, copper, bronze, brass and aluminum.

Q. What post-manufacturing services do you provide?

A. Hardening and tempering are done in-line. We also provide annealing, and, primarily for components supplied to medical device and electronics industry customers, electroless nickel plating.

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