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Primary Supply Chain Responsibility for Surgical Device Subassembly

Davol Inc. is a leader in the medical products industry, with innovative products in surgical specialties including hernia repair, hemostasis, orthopedics, and laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic surgeons use narrow instruments and a slender video camera to perform “micro-invasive,” surgeries that produce less trauma, and faster recovery. Laparoscopy is used for diagnostic procedures, and for “telesurgery,” which uses robotics and the internet to perform surgeries remotely.

Davol contacted Profiles, Inc. seeking a more efficient way to manufacture their needle-free suturing system. The “work end” of the 18" device is a Y-shaped instrument called a trifin assembly, which grasps tissue, sutures, secures the knot, and cuts the suture. Reusable and autoclavable, trifins were originally machined, producing significant scrap and high costs. The 304 stainless steel trifin assembly has a finished diameter of .161".

Profiles was given primary supply chain responsibility for the four-component trifin assembly. The refined process includes a multiple-stage precision drawing operation that produces the net shape ±.0002".

Through its manufacturing partnership with Profiles, Davol realized savings of 65% overall through reduced material costs, less waste and streamlined production cycle.

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