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Heat Treating Metal

The controlled heating and cooling of metal to change its physical and mechanical properties without affecting its overall shape. Heat treating can be done to either increase the metal's strength or to improve its manufacturability. We have 2 heat treat lines capable of hardening shapes up to .425" in size. Finished hardness can be very close to material maximum values (it does need be to tempered back a little to avoid being too brittle).

The furnaces utilize radiant heat in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere (to minimize scale), oil quenching with custom machined guide rolls to eliminate twist and cast as well as custom tension devices to improve straightness. In line glass bead blasting can also be incorporated to remove all scale as well as oil coating as a rust inhibitor. Finished bars can be produced to 21', longer is possible but packaging and transportation can become an issue. Material can also be spooled as long as the part size is small enough and the finish hardness isn't too high to cause breaking.

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